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The Panther Project Vol 1: Drivetrain and Hull

The technical development, a performance evaluation and a detailed combat history of this seminal German tank of World War II is beyond the scope of this published work. Instead we will concentrate here on a visual feast for the eyes, 

96 pages detailing an incredible work of restoration being carried out on a Panther Ausf. A in the workshops of the Wheatcroft Collection.

As we have had access to the reconstruction of this tank from the early stages we are in a unique position to be able to photographically record the work that has been carried out and that is still to be completed. We plan that there will be at least three volumes of work that shall record this incredible project. The access that we have had has allowed us to visually record a great deal of this vehicle in a way not normally seen in other modern studies of the Panther that are in either museums or in private collections.

By being able to photograph virtually the entire vehicle before fitting of all the major components we have been able to document those elements that are not normally visible even in those studies that comprehensively cover interior walkarounds. Over this and the following volumes we will be documenting every element of the vehicle including all major sub-assemblies, both before and after installation. This will hopefully build the most complete study to date of the construction via restoration of this iconic vehicle.

This volume is primarily concerned with an examination of the interior of the hull, suspension elements, gear train and drive components, completed parts awaiting installation, and some about to undergo restoration.  Also included is a reasonably complete history of this vehicle as we know of it to this date.

By: Lee Lloyd, Brian Balkwill, Alasdair Johnston

889 in stock

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