Meng AFV Modeller – Issue 77

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Meng AFV Modeller – Issue 77

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Meng’s M2A3 BUSK III Bradley- Part 2
Mark Neville gets some colour on the Bradley and creates a simple vignette

Bradley Walk-Around
Following last issue’s look inside the M2A3, a look at the external details.

URAL 4320
Domingo Hernadez Martin fuels-up in 1:48

“Waiting for the All Clear”
Takom’s large scale FT-17 set in a dramatic vignette by Andy Gulden

MENG’s first model contest- Bejing 2014
The Editor is invited to judge and check out the modelling scene in China

Keeping Track
More new releases

AMAC 35 2014
A warm French welcome for our visit this year’s show

King Tiger 211
The famous captured KT modelled by Liejon Schoot

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