Meng AFV Modeller – Issue 43

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Meng AFV Modeller – Issue 43

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Volker Bembennek describes how he built his Post War Sturmgeschütz IV diorama.

M1 A2 SEP Abrams
Lars Richter assembles and assesses the recent Dragon Abrams SEP kit.

Loaded for Bear
Canadian LAV III in action in Afghanistan described by Jason Bobrowich.

Desert Challenger
Albert Tureczek builds an OIF Challenger using the Tamiya kit.

Upgrading by Degradation
Robert Doepp describes how he modified the 1:16th scale Alpine figure.

Extreme Detail
M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage

Keeping Track
More new releases

Looking for Trouble
Jean-Thomas Rembert describes his OIF M2A2 Bradley

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