Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 91

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Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 91

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“Elli” Junkers EF 126/7
Das Werk’s 1:32 Experimental Junkers Jet Fighter modelled by Mark Neville. 

Avro/Cierva C30a
Pierre Giustiniani builds the1:32 Miniart Autogyro kit. 

Fighting 50
Academy’s large scale ‘Sufa’ modelled as a Chilean Block 50 F-16 by Gerorge Johnson. 

Period Perfect
Fanch Lubin sets himself the challenge of building two Tamiya kits in monochromatic schemes. Nino Gakovic

Florin Claudiu Silaghi models one of the few Rumanian Me-110 by converting the Cyber Hobby kit to an F4 configuration. 

Air Born
New releases

Special K
Nino Gakovic reminds us that Revell’s 1:72 Ju-88A4 is a pretty special kit. 

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