Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 85

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Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 85

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Michel Gruson builds the Wingnut Wings 1:32 Hansa-Brandenburg W.29

Canadian CF-188B
Kinetic’s 1:48 F-18 modelled in Canadian guise by Wayne Hui.

Full Service History
Grega Križman jacks up Eduard’s 1:48 Me 109 E-3.

Italeri’s 1:32 Starfighter knocked into shape by Lorenzo Borgesa.

Hawker Tempest Mk.V
Zdenek Sebesta builds the 1:32 Special Hobby kit.

Air Borne
New releases.

Coastal Commander
Eduard’s 1:72 B-24 Liberator GR Mk.III modelled by Paolo Portuesi

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