Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 72

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Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 72

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Sopwith Camel
Chocks away as the Editor dives straight into the latest Wingnuts release.

Short Sterling Part 9
Megas Tsonos concludes his scratchbuilt heavy bomber in 1:48.

Supreme Supermarine
Grega Krizman shares his love for Eduard’s 1:48 Spitfire IXc.

Fab Phantom
Zoukei Mura’s 1:48 F4 modelled by Dirk Eikholt.

The ‘X’ files
Florin Claudiu Silaghi details the vintage 1:32 Revell X1.

Air Borne
New releases.

Double Gloucester
John Wilkes converts the 1:32 HKM Meteor.

55 in stock

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