Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 23

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Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 23

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Supermarine Southampton Mk. 1 Part Two
Megas Tsonos demonstrates the techniques behind his scratchbuilt flying boat.

Me 262 ‘White 4’
Francisco Carlos Soldán Alfaro builds the Trumpeter 1:32nd scale kit.

The Me 262
David Doyle looks at the development of the World’s first operational jet fighter.

Xtreme Detail
The Me 262.

Ah-1 Skyraider
Tomá Juriga builds the Tamiya Skyraider in Vietnam war markings.

F9-F2 Panther
John Wilkes builds the 1:32nd scale Fisher multimedia kit.

Air Born
New releases

Regianne Re 2000
Robert Hatos disassembles his wrecked example of the Hungarian fighter

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