Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 13

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Meng AIR Modeller – Issue 13

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Hughes H-1 Racer
Romain Hugault builds Howard Hughes’ H-1 Racer in 1:48th scale

Sign of the Times
David E Brown investigates the markings of FW 190A-8 ‘Blue 9’ of 4./JG 301

Lou IV
Emmanuel Pernes builds the distinctive early model P-51D in 1:48th scale

Franck Oudin shows how to get the best from the Dragon kit of the Me 163b

SBD-3 Dauntless
Part two of Fanch Lubin’s big Dauntless describing the painting techniques he used on the Trumpeter kit

Xtreme Detail
The P-51D Mustang

Air Born
New releases

We take a look at Tomas Juriga’s 1:48th scale Bf 109 G-6

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