Meng AFV Modeller – Issue 65

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Meng AFV Modeller – Issue 65

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Tiger Grab
Radek Pituch describes his photo-inspired scene with a captured Tiger.

Andy Taylor backdates the Tamiya T-55 kit.

StuH. 42 Ausf G
Phil Hyslop cross kits a couple of Dragon kits to build his
zimmerited Sturmhaubitze 42.

Building the first of the BT family, modelled and described by Francesco Franchi.

More BT fun with Ilya Yut backdating the Tamiya kit with the help of the Rhino
conversion set.

One Sixteenth Superking
Part twenty one of the Editor’s ongoing 1:16th Trumpeter King Tiger project.

Keeping Track
More new releases.

Desert Bone Yard
an abandoned collection of armoured vehicles photographed in Israel.

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