Meng AFV Modeller – Issue 115

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Meng AFV Modeller – Issue 115

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Lester Plaskitt proves there is life left in Tamiya’s old Tiger 1. 

Schnell Marsche
Sam Dwyer gets on the right track with his Tiger transport diorama. 

Piggy-back MTLB
Trumpeter’s MTLB and Meng’s ZSU-23 gun combined by Zack Sex. 

Lukin’s raid on Kalinin
Graham Newman builds one of the limited number of T-34s armed with the long 57mm gun. 

Panzerkampfwagen IV Part 33
The Editor continues detailing Trumpeter’s 1:16 kit. 

Keeping Track
New releases. 

Antonio Martin Tello returns to a favourite subject. 

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